Aura Waterfalls began in 2005 with a desire to bring nature indoors through modern design.

We design and build every piece right here in the USA. We do not mass produce our fountains, and we do not order our components overseas and assemble them here. When you order a fountain from Aura Waterfalls you are purchasing a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art that will last generations. We personally interact with each customer to insure that you get the waterfall YOU want, GUARANTEED.

  • Every fountain we design is built and tested before delivery

  • High quality non-corrosive metals are used for all components

  • We guarantee customer satisfaction

Water Fountain Benefits

Get The Advantage Of Indoor Water Features!

Indoor fountains transform your home or office space a into soothing natural environment rich with the harmonic sound of flowing water. Known for their relaxing and healing powers, water fountains add the soothing sounds of nature to any space, while adding a visually stunning focal piece.

An indoor water feature can be a tranquil backdrop for your living room, office, or bedroom. It will also provide a wonderful backdrop for other relaxation techniques, like meditation or yoga.

Our Fountains are dynamic works of art, never the same from one moment to the next.

While there are many water fountain benefits, non top the charts like relaxation. The sound of flowing water provides natural white noise, which blocks out the harsh sounds of traffic, loud neighbors, or other nuisances. Our waterfalls can help facilitate sleep, as well as relaxation practices.

The air inside your home is often more polluted than the air outside, an indoor water feature from Aura Waterfalls can help to make your environment healthier.

A indoor waterfall purifies the air by catching dust particles as the water flows downward, while humidifying the area it is placed as the water evaporates.

The Artist & Inspiration

Justin Kelchak discovered his passion for creating metal art in 2003, when he began working for a local bronze art casting foundry. His passion and creativity quickly advanced him to shop Foreman, which gave him the opportunity to personally build hundreds of bronze sculptures from small and intricate to massive 30 foot monuments for many world-famous artists, including Lorenzo Ghiglieri, Lawrence Stoller and Barry Stein.

Weekends spent camping, hiking and exploring the many amazing waterfalls in Oregon instilled a desire to bring the beauty of nature indoors with custom water features.

Ordering From Us

At Aura Waterfalls we have been designing, building and installing custom water features for clients worldwide for over a decade. Our deep experience has given us the ability to provide our clients with a flawless water fountain and superior service from inquiry through installation.

Our ordering process is simple.

You can contact us using the Inquiry Form or shoot us an email with some basic measurements and info about your space.

We will review and respond to your inquiry. At this point we will talk about design and finish details along with your water purification needs.

After we have established a direction for the project, we will provide you with an estimate.

Once we receive approval of the estimate than we will begin fabrication.

Every aspect of the entire building process is meticulously carried out by our highly skilled fabricators, followed by a comprehensive test of the entire system.

All components of the water fountain are carefully crated and shipped to the site of the installation.

If installation assistance is required, our on-site advisor will guide the installation crew through the process to ensure that everything goes smooth.

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