Custom Waterfalls

Aura Waterfalls is the one source you need to make your custom waterfall idea become a reality.

Fabrication Process

Our Abilities

Water Purification

We offer a wide range of custom waterfalls, both indoor and outdoor, and our custom waterfall fountain services can be tailored to fit the needs of your project. The sections above describe some of the services we offer. Call us today to discuss your project and how Aura Waterfalls can help make your water feature project a success.

Aura Waterfalls has created hundreds of custom waterfalls all over the US. Along the way we’ve created the custom waterfalls our clients have asked for, listening to the exact desires of each client individually, and had a lot of fun creating the custom waterfall feature you’ve always dreamed of.

Waterfall Construction Process

We design our waterfalls as wall mounting, floor standing and tabletop pieces. Our waterfall construction process begins with the selection of a facing material, which is one or a combination of slate, stainless steel fabric, granite, marble, glass, mirror, stainless steel, bronze, copper or acrylic.

Next is the frame and reservoirs which are made with stainless steel, bronze or copper and constructed using a welding process called TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), which allows us to achieve extremely strong and precise welds.

We then sand the metal and appwaterfall construction processly a clear protective finish, or apply a heat induced patina finish, to achieve a wide variety of unique colors.

After the fountain has been placed, water is added to the lower reservoir where a pump pushes the water through its frame tubes into the distribution manifold, which sends the water evenly cascading over the facing in a splash-free re-circulation.

Our Abilities

Waterfall Fountain Design Services

  • Thorough and timely communication from conceptual design through installation.

  • Detailed review of architectural and design drawings

  • Material research and specification

  • General lighting consultation for best visual effect

  • Onsite design meetings and/or field visits

  • Detailed lighting design, fixture specification, and onsite aiming/programming

  • 3D modeling, rendering, and visualization

Waterfall Fountain Engineering

  • Structural design and detailing

  • Pump specification or pump system design and engineering

  • Water purification system design and customization to meet infection control standards for healthcare

  • Shop drawings and all necessary revisions for client approval

Waterfall Fountain Fabrication

  • Fabrication of custom water feature basin, header and all other components

  • Fabrication and assembly of pump systems

  • Thorough quality control throughout fabrication and testing

  • Testing of all products to ensure proper functionality

  • Crating, packing, and shipping

Waterfall Fountain Restoration

  • Free assessment of current issues and reccomendation of potential solutions

  • Restore and reuse any salvageable portions of the existing waterfall

  • Fabricate individual parts that are broken or functioning incorrectly

Installation Consultation and Other On-Site Services

  • On site verification of measurements

  • Installation coordination, technical support and management

  • On-site start-up, adjustments, and programming

  • Detailed training on start up and maintenance procedures

Maintenance & Ongoing Customer Support

  • Customized maintenance manual to ensure long-term waterfall performance and aesthetics

  • Reference materials for all necessary maintenance procedures

  • Unlimited off-site technical support for any maintenance questions

Water Purification

Our filtration systems were developed specifically for maintaining clean and safe water in your water feature, while making maintenance many times easier than fountains without water purification.

We use the latest technology in ozone water purification, reverse osmosis and fine micron filtration to meet the strict demands of healthcare facilities and the desires of our residential customers.

Our Reverse Osmosis Auto-fill System eliminates the need to manually fill your fountain, while ensuring there are absolutely no harmful minerals entering your fountain through your fill water which could lead to permanent white buildup on the surfaces of your water feature.

Our Ozone Water Purification System produces a natural and extremely powerful antimicrobial oxidizing agent that is hundreds of times more powerful than chlorine and other chemical sanitizers. Ozone is the most effective method for destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, algae and other unwanted particulates in your fountain, yet it is 100% natural and environmentally safe.

Our Water Exchange System will allow you to empty the water from your fountain and refill with fresh water by simply pushing a button.

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