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Learn More About Our Services And The Processes We Use To Create Our Custom Fountains

Aura Waterfalls is the dedicated manufacturer to americas leading fountain retailers.

Our extensive range of custom fountain designs are meticulously crafted for indoor and outdoor settings. Our fountain design services are tailored to meet your project's unique requirements. With a portfolio showcasing hundreds of custom fountains across the United States, our fountains are backed by countless happy clients, you can trust us to bring your vision to life.

Contact us today to discover how Aura Waterfalls can bring success your water feature project.

Fabrication Process

How We Build Our Fountains

All our fountains are built with the best materials and highest quality standards. Our versatile process allows us to customize every avery aspect of your fountain

Material Selection

Our fabrication process begins with your chosen metal which can be one, or a combination of copper, stainless steel, Corten steel or bronze.​

Cutting & Forming

We measure and cut all parts needed for your fountain using our hydraulic shear, laser cutter, bandsaw and precision hand tools. Then using our hydraulic sheet metal bending machine we form and shape each part.

Welding & grinding

We assemble all the parts using a welding process called TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), which allows us to achieve extremely strong and precise welds. Then we grind the welds smooth and sand the metal surfaces.


We now apply a clear protective finish to preserve the bare metal color, or apply a heat induced or cold patina finish, to achieve a wide variety of unique colors, or apply an extremely durable powder coated finish.

Our Services

Fountain Design Services

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Fountain Maintenance & Customer Support


Our filtration systems were developed specifically for maintaining clean and safe water in your water feature, while making maintenance many times easier than fountains without water purification.

We use the latest technology in UV water purification, reverse osmosis and fine micron filtration to meet the strict demands of healthcare facilities and the desires of our residential customers.

Our Reverse Osmosis Auto-fill System eliminates the need to manually fill your fountain, while ensuring there are absolutely no harmful minerals entering your fountain through your fill water which could lead to permanent white buildup on the surfaces of your water feature.

Our fountain UV filters utilize advanced technology to eradicate bacteria and algae, ensuring pristine water clarity. Engineered for efficiency, they harness ultraviolet light for eco-friendly purification, delivering a captivating and hygienic fountain experience with optimal performance.

Our Water Exchange System will allow you to empty the water from your fountain and refill with fresh water by simply pushing a button.

Shipping & Freight

In House Crate Construction

Our skilled team adheres to strict quality standards to build robust crates that protect our fountains during shipping.

Trusted Carriers

We partner with reputable freight carriers known for their reliability and expertise in handling delicate shipments, ensuring our products arrive intact and on time.

Competitive Pricing

Despite our high-quality packaging and reliable shipping, we maintain affordable prices, making our fountains more accessible.

We take pride in safely delivering our fountains to customers across the nation explore our products, crafted with care and shipped securely through our meticulous process for safe nationwide delivery.

Large fountain being secured on flatbed by trucker

Here’s What Our Clients Are

You created the most beautiful and unique fountain we have ever seen! It is the focal point of the entry to our home and really creates the "wow" factor we were looking for. The lighting, flow of water, and metal design are all unique and stunning.

Rochelle & Bill

Bend, OR

Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our floor standing water fountain. It is exactly what we asked you to custom make for us. We will highly recommend you to everyone that comes to our house and sees our wonderful fountain

Randy & Sheri

Sunriver, OR

Working with you was a pleasure. You listened to our goals and created a unique design that startled and thrilled us. We could not have asked for more in customer service and fulfilling our requests.

Center of Wellbeing

First Presbyterian Church of Bend